With the blessings of the Almighty SHIVA, the blessings of  GURU-MAHA-SANITHANAMS of  THIRUVAVADURAI ATHINAM, KOONAMPATI ATHINAM, DHARMAPURAM ATHINAM, THIRUPANATHAL ATHINAM , ThavaThiru SUNDARAMOORTHY THAMBIRAN SWAMIGAL ,DHARMAPURAM ATHINAM, the blessings of my parents, blessing from the Honourable Secretary THIRU.A.P.C.V CHOCKALINGAM of the V.O.CHIDAMBARAM COLLEGE and the blessings from all the good souls I am able to construct this website.

   I would like to share some of the points made by SaivaSri. K. GANESALINGAM in his book An outline of SAIVISM.

   "Religious practice has now become merely a mechanical routine for many.  The precepts and philosophy of religion are not understood, and no interest is shown in understanding them.  Anything given in the name of religion is consumed without any question.

   Until a generation ago, the Saiva priests and Saiva scholars were giving the necessary guidance.  Sivachariyars were holding a dignified position in the Saiva community.  They were the custodians of Saiva agamas and had the required knowledge to advise the Saivites.  This situation is changing now.

   The mind of a Sivachariyar is filled with thoughts of Siva and His manifested forms.  There is no room for thought of any deity unacceptable to Saivism.  Now, some Saiva priests, carrying the tag of 'Siva Sri' with their names, imitate the smartha brahmins and encourage the worship of these deities.  They even erect temples for them.  It is very regrettable and disgusting to see that such changes are seen even in the land of Thava Thiru Arumuga Navalar, the Saiva luminary, who shed his life for the revival and preservation of Saiva faith.  The worst is that these were done with the blessings of some prominent Saivities who were seen as the upholders of Saiva tradition.  These people are not only misleading the Saiva Community, but also paving the way of the decline of Saiva religion.

   The Saivities, whether educated or not, are so ignorant of their religious values, they fall easy prey to the propaganda of those of other faiths.  They confuse the Vaidika cult and Vedanta as  Saiva religion and its philosophy.  Their ignorance of Saiva religion and its philosophy.  Their ignorance of Saivism has helped large-scale conversion to alien faith which never attracted the educated and knowledgeable in the society.

   Thus, the Saivites are exposed to and exploited by forces immical to Saiva religion, from inside and outside.  If Saivism is to thrive and Saivites are to progress as Saivites these forces must be understood and identified and exposed.  All Saiva organisations and Saiva devotees must put a planned and consolidated effort to arrest this declining trend.

   It is also necessary that Saivites should have atleast the basic knowledge on all aspects of Saivism. "